Extra-strong laminated veneer lumber

Our company has been supplying high-quality laminated veneer lumber.

Main benefits of our products:

- Environmentally friendly composite material based on natural wood, with unique strength parameters;

- Lumber structures are durable and do not lose relish eventually;

- Material properties do not change over its lifetime;

- Material maintains dimensional stability and physical properties regardless of seasonal factors, environmental variations and climatic conditions;

- Homogeneous structure with constant physical properties;

- High accuracy of adjacent elements;

- High load capacity;

- Resistance to corrosive environment;

- Material provides for an optimum balance of strength and weight parameters;

- High bio and fire resistance;

- High thermal and acoustic properties;

- Material is easily processed with any cutting tools;

- Not deformed or started from humidity, and has minimal natural shrinkage parameters;

- Almost no exploitation costs of LVL;

- Convenience, easiness and installation speed of LVL products;

- Sufficient strength values of LVL structures do not require reinforced foundations and bearing structures;

- LVL cost does not depend on its length, thickness and section;

- Mechanical treatment and processing with protective means comes natural;

- Having high physical and mechanical properties, lumber fully preserves outer structure of the tree. This allows the use of lumber products and structures in the interior without additional finishing.

House construction.

LVL is mainly used it in construction of houses. LVL is very flexible in terms of its use in any hardscape elements.


Agricultural facilities.

Another area of LVL application is construction of agricultural facilities of any complexity.


Sport and cultural facilities

Sport and cultural facilities of any complexity can be constructed from LVL. It can be used as a facility individual element.